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This place, earth and outer space, is so strange. So new. So much to explore. What? I am in for a dive. And you too!?


Nainsukh was the son of a well-regarded miniaturist, but embraced a naturalistic style that set him apart from his peers. In the 1740s, Nainsukh left his father’s studio and found a wealthy and powerful patron in Prince Raja Balwant Dev Singh of Jasrota. As the prince and the artist became close friends, Nainsukh created a series of outstanding works that documented life among the royals, balancing the beauty of the surroundings with a genuine humanity. As Nainsukh documented the lives of the Prince and his compatriots, the painter also became part of their inner circle and came to embrace the decadent pleasures of their lifestyle.

I think its sad how difficult it is for girls to interact with their fathers naturally because of the culture or situation. I also feel quite detached from my Dad too but not due to violence just awkwardness that developped since i was about 9.



Yes, it’s so awkward between pa and me i can’t look him in the eye and talk. I have to look somewhere else or look down if i am going to have a long conversation with him. 

sweet-as-chocolate it’s not that easy to explain why it is the way it is..

itsbollywood I too had it…

not much, now. I am kinda person who is comfortable with blame myself >Not in a self depriciating way. But here I just can’t find a reason to blame myself. Naa..and, I have realized over the months, that even he is also not to be -fully blamed. It’s just a partial thing - he, his ancestors & so on; each did a mistake on their part. 

But teh good news :))) - is, nothing is unfixable. Na..none. And I guess, I had to accept that it would be harmful to me if i keep blaming him and regretting that he is my dad..(this doesn’t mean that he then suddenly becomes my perfect dad) - it JUST means that I am over him.

take care. :) 

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