Yeah, I have 20 bucks in my pocket.

Wait. It’s just a crumpled paper. Sorry.


We can’t see so many smiles, can we? we can’t go That deep….no?! Nor can it be beautiful?

Bet I am against it.


'City Lights' / A charlie chaplin film

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suffers some kind of circular syndrome! maddeningly rigid.

but if mapped, his trail would form a beautiful interlinked, overlapped chain of circles




Yesterday evening I visited the play I mentioned as a worthy one earlier.

But it was yesterday that I saw it in entirety.

Blown out!

If you see the earlier post where i mentioned it as a ‘nice’ one; I also said that I was reminded of this play (I suspect the biggest conspiracy here), because I had seen so much potential getting wasted at the one I saw at college.


Gorgeously performed, brilliantly executed.

I felt, as my whole life had come to complete the circle. Which till yesterday had been open ended.

Go, bastards, go. It’s till 5th oct.




dance with me.


Like the spiral domes of Bankipore. (at


And then, quite a few minutes later; after tinkling chandeliers in dancing.

I pressed the side of sofa, and almost on it’s own — in such! gracious fluid motion, it fell upright.

Smilling In astounding.


Listening to Paul McCartney’s track ‘tug of war’, I started smilling hopelessly and picked up a bottle and STUCK IT INTO THE SOFA BESIDE!!! — that’s how it went.

In such dramatic a position, it’s waters forming a tetrahedron in light.


As a God, your first responsibility is watching people enact you, and your stories.

Just Joking.
Yesterday I had time. Ha! And was tired. I asked a man standing near a projector and some flood lights with vast space around him;

'what's gonna happen here?'

"Oh. The Ramleela. [The enactment of The Ramayana, a hindu mythological saga]."

'Ohk, when will it begin? how long will it last?'

"Supposed to start soon. About one hour it goes."

'Hmm. Thank you.'

That was in evening a day ago. In college. I checked my watch. There was time.

The play indeed started soon enough. There was some hardwork, some, put in by actors. But I was cursing all along — because the quality of mics provided to them were awful, there were glitches in the performances, and I COULD SEE So much potential getting wasted! They could have colloborated to create — SUCH AN HAVOC; so that we audiences would have tensed, and feared to return to grip our mother’s womb cord.

But no, except rare of rare scenes, there wasn’t much.

As for the viewers, we were quite obscene in our part. We giggled and shouted our asses off; when an actor’s costume slipped to reveal his butt lining. For this act, as a God, I curse this world to bear IMMENSE TORTURE!!

Also, as a corallary, I realized so many revelations while the play went on.

One of the last ones was, that, it will take our elders (parents, and others): “We were assholes in our time. We couldn’t achieve anything in our lives. But you, for god’s sake, don’t follow our rules, don’t follow us.. for bloody sake of living, do something worthwhile in your life.” — to say to us.

Maybe that ‘ll be a trigger point for some of us, to be a little more careful of our unconscious thoughts.

But, there was this little choir this play had, in the corner a group of girls sat and after every scene, they would recite and sing, so blanket powerfully — they were like the omnipresent forces present around the story going on; they stated the true nature of every character who had appeared in the previous scene. Like the flowers who noted the scent of the butterfly that flew on it’s pollens.

They were a pleasure to hear.


We have all, in a very dark place [such as a cave], opened and closed our eyes, slightly fascinated by the idea of a unitary mental and real-world darkness. Why do we do this? There is something strangely liberating and grounding in it, as if the boundary between self and space might melt away….

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"Science remaking the world; an international language, a universal brotherhood beyond nationality, prejudice or creed… A beautiful vision fallen like a house of cards. You creators of the “New Age” who dare not speak, think or move without permission from the military, you unfettered titans who will hang for speaking across one border — where is your ‘New World’? Champions, where is freedom? What treasure have we lost? We must turn to women for that answer."

Jack Parsons - Freedom is a Two-Edged Sword (via uaramchek)

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